Orlando Solar Bears vs. Atlanta Gladiators at Kia Center

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Atlanta Gladiators Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

Amway Center in Orlando, Florida is waiting for the best hockey fans in the world to come out on Friday 10th March 2023 for one of the favorite games of 2023! Two excellent teams will be lining up for a head-to-head battle that will push their skills to the limit. Seasoned veterans will guide fresh-faced rookies as both teams attempt to come out on top. But which head coach will claim a win on Friday 10th March 2023? Will it be the defending local champion to protect their home ice? Or will it be the visiting challengers who want to make their mark all over Orlando? Even sports fans are still guessing on who will come out on tpo. But one thing’s for sure, this game will be exciting to see and you will lose your chance to watch if you aren’t there at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on Friday 10th March 2023! Both head coaches are calling for their team’s fans to lend their support in this true clash of the titans! Because the cheering of their fans may be the edge they need to come out on top. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and click the link to buy your tickets while supplies last!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Atlanta Gladiators at Amway Center

When you want to catch magnificent hockey action, you want to go where the ice is smooth and there's nowhere better in all of Florida than Amway Center! This hockey arena boasts some of the sleekest ice on this side of the world and makes it the home of hockey in Orlando, Florida! That’s why some of the fan-favorite hockey duels can only happen at this mythic venue. But it’s not just the five-star skill of the players that keeps hockey-lovers coming back for more. Because Amway Center has all the features and amenities that you could ever want. That includes a variety of tasty meals from their huge selection of food vendors. They also have some of the best comfortable seating in the league so you can chill. And let’s not forget that Amway Center has excellent sightlines from every space in the arena and exquisite lighting systems set up to keep you close to the action. And you musn't forget that Amway Center also has highly praised staff that is trained to make every visitor feel like royalty. Even coming to the front gate is easy due to the huge variety of parking options around the arena. Best of all, Orlando has a huge selection of nearby restaurants, cafes, and entertainment so you can show up early and spend some time having fun before the main event. When you want to witness Ice Hockey events in Orlando why would you go anywhere else? Book your tickets to upcoming matches at Amway Center today!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Atlanta Gladiators at Amway Center

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