Bad Bunny at Kia Center

Bad Bunny Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

Your best loves latin rapper, Bad Bunny is back again with a brand new tour this year! We all love that guy! His cool and alternative style, he's such a trend setter! His endless hits, the fact that he's so humble about his superstardom? He's the BEST! Fans of the "Mia" singer can't wait to see him performing in person again and have already been grabbing tickets like they're going out of fashion! The tour will come to Amway Center, Orlando, FL on Tuesday 29th March 2022…if you want to see the star in action, click on the 'get tickets' link above right away! Don't miss this chance!

Bad Bunny at Amway Center

We cannot tell you how HYPED everybody is about the 2022 Bad bunny tour! "Worlds hottest tour" looks absolutely crazy and any fan of this reggaeton superstar NEEDS to be there! Hes going to be thrashing out the hits, and sending the whole stadium wild, the feeling you'll get when you walk through the doors into the screaming crowd is going to be priceless. If you didn't already know about this exciting 2022 tour of North, Central and South America, the get tour notes at the ready, and book TODAY, this is going to be HUGE!

Bad bunny is considered one of the biggest and most influential stars of today, his unique style, his success and abundance of hits, his humble and kind persona…this latino rapper is the full package and we LOVE him! His chart topping hits speak for themselves while his platinum records and multiple prestigious awards are a reflection of his ultimate success, not just in the Americas but now all over the world, after making his way onto the GLOBAL billboard! After only a handful of years on the mainstream scene, this guy really is making some noise!

"Worlds hottest tour" heads from North to South America through the course of the year, kicking off in the states, Bad bunny will head along to the famous Amway Center, Orlando, FL on Tuesday 29th March 2022. If you want tickets to see your favourite star live in action, just scroll up until you see the link to buy, grab yours today while you still have the chance!

Bad Bunny at Amway Center

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