Camilo at Kia Center

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Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

Camilo is finally returning to Orlando in 2022! Listen to their spicy tracks and their soul-stirring vocals, in what is heralded to be one of the greatest Latin performances of the year. Savour a night of their greatest hits, as well as some of their exciting new music. Get up and dance to their popular songs, experience the powerful Latin music of Camilo and dance the night away! Camilo will be at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on Sunday 18th September 2022. The Amway Center brings you the best live performances and shows, witness the stunning sound of this incredible artist in person. Bring your friends, camera and seize the night together.

Camilo at Amway Center

When it comes to experiencing the best Latin music shows in Orlando, fans in the know surely make a stop at one place. Amway Center is heralded around the city, and the state, for playing host to world-class performers while delivering the most refined viewing experience. The trendy interior, clean sightlines and unparalleled acoustics are just a small fraction of the plentiful great offerings in the venue. It won’t to hurt to know there’s also a fully loaded bar with endless choice of refreshments. And if this is still not enough, you can always visit the most refined bars in town right around the corner for an afterparty. Book your ticket now and join thousands of exalted fans for a night of easy entertainment at Amway Center!

Camilo at Amway Center

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