Creed, 3 Doors Down & Mammoth WVH at Kia Center

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Kia Center | Orlando, Florida


Top off your year with 21st-century hard-rock havoc in Creed’s 2024 roadshow finale on Thursday, December 5th, LIVE at the Amway Center in Orlando, with special opening acts from 3 Doors Down and Mammoth WVH! Following their sold-out series of summer shows, Creed extends their concert reunion series with “Are You Ready?” — a 20-date arena tour produced by Live Nation. Take the leap and jam along with Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Flip Phillips, and Brian Marshall as they take to the stage again after more than a decade of parting ways. Creed’s upcoming event will be an all-out celebration of their genre-defining music, which features the GRAMMY Award-winning “With Arms Wide Open,” and Mainstream Rock smash hits “My Sacrifice,” “One,” and “What’s This Life For.” A true alt-rock powerhouse among the Billboard 200 ranks, our headlining band will unleash the full extent of their multi-platinum discography with albums like My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered. Get your tickets now!

Hop aboard the hard-rock hype train because Creed’s going off the rails to end the year with an earth-shattering BANG! Extended via riotous demand, the American alt-rock legend’s concert comeback tacks on the “Are You Ready” arena tour for the fall-winter finale of their roadshow reunion. This series will add twenty additional dates to the band’s itinerary, capping 2024 with a December 5th performance at the Amway Center featuring guest acts 3 Doors Down and Mammoth WVH.

In a post-grunge period entering a brave new millennium, Creed broke off from the flock with an unchained hard-rock sound that betrays a soaring power and spirit behind frontman Scott Stapp’s fiery vocals. Join him and his fellow band members Mark Tremonti, Scott “Flip” Phillips, and Brian Marshall in revisiting their Billboard 200 chart-topping discography’s multi-platinum line of albums, My Own Prison (1997), Human Clay (1999), and Weathered (2001), bookended by the Triple Billboard #1 Full Circle (2009) LP.

“I feel like I’m as strong as I’ve ever been vocally, and looking forward to sharing the stage with the guys again. The fans have clearly let us know they feel it’s long overdue. I want to give them what they deserve. I’m ready to bring it,” Stapp remarked in an official statement.

GRAMMY Award-winning rock band Creed follows one simple rule — pull no punches — and it has guided them deep into the annals of American music history. Rise in commemoration of the group’s legendary songs, spearheaded by their Hot 100 #1 smash hit “With Arms Wide Open.” As the night grows dark and the confessions pour out, Creed will embrace the crowd with a blanket of Billboard Mainstream Rock and Alternative Airplay chart-toppers in the vein of fan favorites like “One Last Breath,” “My Sacrifice,” “Higher,” and “What’s This Life For.”

Our first guest, Mississippian hard-rockers 3 Doors Down, will kickstart the show with the smooth post-grunge melodies of their worldwide hits “Here Without You” and “Kryptonite.” Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH, meanwhile, comes stampeding onto the stage with a whirlwind of grunge, hard rock, and speed metal from Mainstream Rock singles “Distance” and “Don't Back Down.”

The Amway Center (now Kia Center), home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, will serve as the stage for the reverberating Creed concert on Thursday, December 5th. Fitted with cutting-edge UHD displays and immersive sound systems, this renowned indoor arena will elevate your music experience to uncharted heights, complementing it further with five-star concessions and first-class comfort. Click the button above to book your reservations ASAP!

Creed at Kia Center

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