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Kia Center | Orlando, Florida


Put on your coolest kicks and vibe to the beat of Feid LIVE on Friday 28th June 2024 at the world-class Kia Center! All hungry fans out there are in for a mind-blowing surprise ‘cause this year’s HOTTEST hip-hop event is heading off for an expansive trek across North America, presenting some of the most outstanding talents that have been lighting up the scene recently.

Take your friends along and jam it out to the urban funk and Bronx beats that broke through the apex of music charts! Amidst smoldering hot lyrics and unmatched wordplay, our main stars will give you a live spectacle that’s guaranteed to get your inner gangster howling with glee, set to the rhymes of their iconic best-selling hits and records. Prior exhibitions had guests soaring through the roofs, so join this upcoming hip-hop session and go with the flow at the Kia Center, Orlando’s premiere entertainment venue. Claim your seats today for Friday 28th June 2024!

The beats are rolling in the city of Orlando! Put the street vibes are on the check as Feid comes with a hip-hop celebration on Friday 28th June 2024 at Kia Center, Florida. The upbeat music will be the highlight of the evening as Feid showcases the hip-hop jamming as the fans start jumping from the beats streaming. Bounce and vibe from the electrifying beats as this award-winning artist delivers the hip-hop feels for the crowd to see.

Rock your comfiest attires because Feid will literally put the stage on fire with the torching bars that will get everyone hyped. From the sick beats to the meaningful lyrics, an all-out feast of rapping skills and hip-hop music will be witnessed, so tune in. With the wide range of voices, along with the intense aura, Feid is here to impress by giving the favorite hip-hop music experience. So, put the chains on and vibe with the monstrous jam as the favorite hip-hop celebration comes to town, courtesy of Feid.

The night will be packed with musical angst as Feid star their iconic tracks that will put the fans in a hype moment. From the classic to recent tracks, classic rap music will be on the list as they carry out their discographies full-gear. Hear the clashing harmony of beat and powerful lyrics as the iconic hip-hop artist shows the favorite hip-hop classic for the crowd on notice.

Feid will be setting the Kia Center to a rap fest as they fill the venue with the most magnificent hip-hop experience you'll ever feel. Equipped with heavy reverbs, concert-perfect speakers, and dim-lighted stages, it is the perfect setting for a hip-hop classic, giving the fans rocking moments on the stands. No need to worry, as the Feid, will be showing the hip-hop remedy for the rapping mania beating into everyone’s feelings. Schedule the dates and get your tickets now!

Feid at Kia Center

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