Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics at Kia Center

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

The complete success of a production, Anastasia, is adored by people all over the country, and now it’s your turn to watch it too, purchase your tickets for it at Amway Center on Monday 23rd January 2023. Featuring amazing performances from the cast, astounding music, stunning costumes, a perfect set, and all your cherished songs from the animated film including “Journey to the Past” and “Once Upon a December.” Anastasia is the unbelievable new production about one of history’s biggest unanswered mysteries, and a story of finding out who you are and defining who you’re supposed to be.

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics at Amway Center

If you’re a basketball fan – buckle up! This January the most anticipated game of the year will finally hit the arena of the most iconic basketball hall in Orlando. That’s right, Amway Center will play host to the must-see Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics, and the tickets are selling out fast! But the action-packed fixture is not the only reason to order a ticket. Each ticket includes a full pack of spectacular offerings that will enhance your authentic basketball experience. From the neat facilities, superb sightlines, comfy seats and A-star event staff, to the endless amounts of beverages and munchies to boot – you name it, Amway Center will deliver it. What better way to enjoy a world-class game unfolding right before your eyes? Order one of the best seats today and get a front-row view of the action!

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics at Amway Center

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