Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Kia Center

Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

Here’s some good news for all the sports enthusiasts in Orlando and the area – one of the most highly anticipated square-offs of the year is finally taking place on Thursday 5th January 2023, and it will be even more iconic than it sounds! That’s right – Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies will hit the arena of one of the most illustrious stadiums in this part of the country – the infamous Amway Center, and the tickets are quickly getting sold out. The athletes and coaches are on top of their games and will take the ticket holders on the ultimate sports adventure and guarantee an evening filled with world-class entertainment. What more could you possibly wish for – hit the Buy Ticket button below and head down to Amway Center with your sports-minded peers to sample the sports arena at its finest!

Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Amway Center

You haven’t seen sports quite like you would if you came to the iconic Amway Center for any of their upcoming sports events. The arena has been designed so that even if you cheer for the travelling side, you’ll still have an incredible time. You’ll be able to cheer on your favorite players from the most comfortable seating anywhere in Orlando, Florida whilst also savouring your choice of snacks and refreshments from one of several dozen popular vendors throughout the arena. You can even pick up exclusive merchandise from the team-shop. If you want the very best in sports action, then you want to visit the Amway Center.

Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Amway Center

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