Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder at Kia Center

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

The ice might melt with the frenzied action on Thursday 2nd March 2023 when Amway Center in Orlando, Florida hosts one of the premier games of 2023! Two of the league’s best teams will face-off for a head-to-head duel that will never be forgotten by the best fans in the country. Both head coaches have trained hard to counter their opponent’s clever strategies and have rallied their rosters to stand tall. But no one can guess who will come out on top, even as the players line up on that Thursday night! It’s going to be intense and possibly one of the most stunning games of this spring and a potential candidate for greatest match of 2023! And you and legions of hockey’s best fans can rally behind your favorite team! Will the local heroes stand tall in the face of their invaders? Or will the visiting team win the day and take down Orlando’s team? It’s up to skill and your favorite team needs your support to get the win! Tickets are on sale now, which means fans are already lining up to order their tickets. So if you want to watch hot hockey action this Thursday 2nd March 2023 then clear your calendars and click the link to buy your tickets today!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder at Amway Center

Want some ideas for a gripping evening this March! Something to really get your teeth into? The spectacular Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder is back for spring, 2023 and everybody it pretty excited! This will surely be the finest plan you have booked in all year! If this isn't exciting enough for you then what about this…..Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder will be hosted by Amway Center, Florida, Orlando on Thursday 2nd March 2023, and we all know that Amway Center is the most ideal spot to be in….remember the fantastic close by hot spots, we bet you can picture you all enjoying a delicious snack or drink in one? Well what about the spacious seating and standing areas or the outstanding service…there has to be a reason the venue has such great ratings! You'll be booked up for a Thursday night of pure pleasure this March, but hurry, tickets will be gone in minuets, so bag today! Select the 'GET TICKETS' button to secure yours!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. Adirondack Thunder at Amway Center

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