Orlando Solar Bears vs. South Carolina Stingrays at Kia Center

Orlando Solar Bears vs. South Carolina Stingrays Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO TUESDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2022. Originally Saturday 12th November 2072. All original tickets are still valid!

This Tuesday 15th November 2022 make sure you are free to catch the supreme hockey match to come to Amway Center in Orlando, Florida! This upcoming war pits two of the conference’s best teams together for an all out war that you will always remember. Just imagine, you and crowds of hockey’s biggest fans come together to root for your favorite team. And your favorite team will need your cheers because their opponents are bringing the thunder and plan to play the best hockey of their lives! Both teams have storied veterans that will be guiding fresh-faced newcomers in making the plays that will help them get the dub. And don’t forget that 2022 has seen some of the supreme hockey action out of this year’s players than in recent memory. The action is going to be so hot that the ice might melt! But even with all their talent, it’s anyone’s guess on who will win? Will it be the invading team hoping to make their mark by upsetting Orlando fans? Or will the hometown heroes stand strong and defend their home ice? You can only find out if you’re there to see it. So rush and click the link to book your tickets. Because they are on sale now and your seat will go to someone else if you don’t hurry! Buy your tickets today to see the game on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. South Carolina Stingrays at Amway Center

Incredible and awesome on ice action is the rule of the day whenever you come out to see incredible events like Orlando Solar Bears vs. South Carolina Stingrays at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Ever since Amway Center opened to the public it has quickly become a ultimate arena for hockey fans all across the world. And that’s only partly because of their history of hosting awesome and record-setting matches from some of the best teams in the league. The arena has some of the best simple parking solutions in the world which makes it a snap to find a place that’s close to the gate. It also has some of the most welcoming staff in Orlando, who are trained and ready to make guests feel like they’re right at home. Then, once you step inside, you’ll be surprised by the incredible variety of food and merch vendors who will help you load up on fun shirts, awesome accessories, and mouth-watering food and beverages made to order. Finally, once you’re all ready, you can slide on in to what many fans call the most relaxing seating in Florida that offers excellent and sharp sightlines to the action. That means you won’t have to miss a moment of the fun. And you can experience this for yourself if you click the link and book your tickets today!

Orlando Solar Bears vs. South Carolina Stingrays at Amway Center

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