UFC Fight Night at Kia Center

UFC Fight Night Tickets

Kia Center | Orlando, Florida

Only the unrivaled MMA fighters are invited to compete in UFC Fight Night this coming Saturday 3rd December 2022 at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Every fight on the card is going to be a bloody beat down as the toughest fighters take each other on. Just imagine, that you and countless fight fans will get to see the action that will explode like fireworks as soon as the bell is rung. You’ll feel every hit, every slam, and ever final knockout and will never be able to guess who will win! But let’s not forget that UFC Fight Night is special because it features some hotly anticipated bouts between unsurpassed fan favorites that no one thought would ever come to pass. But whether you’re cheering on the tried and true veteran or the younger rising stars, you’ll be certainly surprised. Fight fans and sports commentators are already calling UFC Fight Night the biggest fight event of 2022 and are even calling it the only must-see-event of this winter. So don’t miss out! Because hot MMA events like UFC Fight Night don’t come to Orlando often and this may be your last chance. Tickets are on sale now! Just click the link to order your tickets today!

UFC Fight Night at Amway Center

Make sure you’re free on Saturday 3rd December 2022 so you can catch UFC Fight Night live at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida! This spectacular one day only event brings the greatest gymnasts and gymnastic performers under one roof for acrobatics that will leave you stunned in awe. These performers have trained long and hard to produce undeniably A+ routines so they can win the gold. And fans will win the gold by being able to see everything from twisting and death defying dismounts to fast-paced backflips across the mat. It’s everything that any true fan of gymnastics could ever want. And you know that the event will be a grand one, since Amway Center has years of experience with hosting five-star gymnastics events. And this year will feature top-of-the-line AV equipment that will provide clear and well-lit sightlines so you can enjoy the fun from every seat in the house. And let’s not forget that Amway Center has often been called “Most comfortable spot in Orlando” with plush and comfy seating at all levels. This may be the best gymnastics event of 2022 and certainly a contender for the one gymnastics event you can’t miss” this winter! Tickets are on sale now, which means you can still buy your tickets before they sell out. Just click the link to get started and you’ll be on your way to seeing UFC Fight Night live at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on Saturday 3rd December 2022!

UFC Fight Night at Amway Center

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